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The book provides a comprehensive account of the social, religious and economic conditions and policies from the Sultanate to the Mughal period in early medieval India. it details the account of the three centuries known for its Islamic influence and rule and the presence of formidable dynasties. The book provides a sound understanding of the history of the period and also evinces the learnings of mutual quarrels and internecine war. Feature/Advantages: Over 400 long answer and more than 250 short answer type questions to strengthen understanding More than 300 Multiple Choice Questions to test understanding Chronological tables for easy recapitulation of successive events Book Contents: Part I: Sultanate Period 1. Sources of Information For Medieval India 2. The Rise of Islam 3. Arab Conquest of Sindh 4. India On The Eve of Muslim Conquest 5. Rise and Fall of The Ghaznavides 6. Muhammad Ghori Or Muhammad of Ghur 7. The Slave Dynasty 8. The Khalji Dynasty 9. Mongol Invasions of India 10. The Tughluqs Or Qaraunah Turks 11. The Sayyid Dynasty 12. The Lodi 13. Disintegration of The Delhi Sultanate 14. The Bahmani Kingdom 15. The Vijayanagar Empire 16. Administrative System of Delhi Sultanate 17. Architecture and Literature 18. Social, Religious and Economic Condition In Early Medieval India 19. The Bhakti Movement 20. Sufism In India 21. Impact of Muslim Conquest On India 22. Nature of The State In Medieval India Part Ii: Mughal Period 1. India On The Eve of Babur S Invasion 2. Babur (1526 1530) 3. Humayun (1530 1556) 4. Sher Shah Sur and His Successors (1540-1556) 5. Akbar, The Great (1556 1605) 6. Jahangir and Noorjahan (1605 1627) 7. Shah Jahan (1627 1658) 8. Aurangzeb Alamg1R (1658 I707) 9. Rise of The Marathas 10. History of Maratha Peshwa (Till 1761) 11. Rise and Growth of Sikh 12. Mughal Administration 13. Art and Literature In Mughal India 14. Social and Economic Condition In Mughal India 15. Religious Policy of The Mughals 16. Deccan Policy of The Mughals 17. Disintegration of The Mughal Empire 18. Society of Culture In The 18Th Century 19. History and Historians of Mughal India

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