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For close to 20 years, Power System: Analysis and Design has been serving as a complete text for students of Electronics and Communication Engineering as well as those pursuing courses in transmission, distribution, stability, load flow, surge-phenomena, fault studies, travelling waves and design of transmission systems. Divided in 25 chapters and aided with ample pedagogical features, the text not only explains the concepts lucidly but also helps the student retain them. Key Features: Chapters on Generator, Transformer and Load Models, Economic Operation of Power System and Unit Commitment, Symmetrical Components, Unsymmetrical Faults and Load Frequency and MVAR Voltage Control further add context to an ever-evolving subject. More than 1100 Tables, Figures, Examples and short summaries aid to the theory explained. Close to 1150 questions (including Job Interview Questions) supplement the practice quotient of the text. Table of Content : Fundamentals of Current Electricity D.C. Circuits D.C. Network Theorems Units Work, Power and Energy Electrostatics Capacitors Magnetism and Electromagnetism Magnetic Circuits Electromagnetic Induction D.C. Generators D.C. Motors Chemical Effects of Electric Current A.C. Fundamentals Series A.C. Circuits Phasor Algebra Parallel A.C. Circuits Three-Phase Circuits Transformers Three-Phase Induction Motors Single-Phase Motors Synchronous Generators (Alternators) Synchronous Motors Electrical Instruments and Electrical Measurements Atomic Structure Semiconductor Physics Semiconductor Diode Bipolar Junction Transistors Transistor Amplifiers Sinusoidal Oscillators Field Effect Transistors Power Electronics

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