"Book Of Guardians 3: The Eye Of The Archer "

Author: Chandra, Giti

Brand: Hachette India


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The only thing more human than death is fear' Deep in the heart of Yggdrassil, the battle between Edasich - The Hyena, and Elrai - The Good Shepherd, is not going well. The signs are everywhere, and Harishchandra's Clan must fight for its very life and the future of the world. While Adit journeys to the centre of the earth with Vera, a powerful witch gone rogue, Akshat must bring The Book of Guardians alive. Who will hold the centre steady when Ragnarok, the Churning of the Oceans, begins? Can H's new avatar, the centaur, foresee the future in the stars? Is there another Starstone, and someone who can wield it? And the most terrible question of all: Who is the one foe you do not want to meet on the battlefield? Lives will be given and lives will be taken in this final battle when the gods themselves join forces with the Coven, Hsimah the Fang Collector and Alfhildur, Queen of Elves, to fight a war in which Amar and Ananya, Tarini and Noor, and the Clan confront their worst nightmare. Spellbinding and powerfully intense, The Eye of the Archer concludes the daring and tenacious campaign of six extraordinary young people against a fearsome, unforgiving force that threatens to destroy everything good, everything worth saving, everything alive.

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