100 Indian Trees :Big Little Nature Companion (Lead Title)

100 Indian Trees :Big Little Nature Companion (Lead Title)

Author: Tiwari, Sanjay

Brand: DK India


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This easy-to-use field guide featuring 100 common trees of India, both native and exotic, is perfect for budding nature enthusiasts. One amongst nature s most beautiful and resilient creations, trees are found in almost all of India s varied terrains and environments from high mountains to coastal areas, from temperate to tropical, from rainforests to arid deserts. The myriad species of trees varies greatly in size and form, from the mighty Deodar to the small Miswak. Yet, most of us take these wonderful natural structures for granted at our peril, as is becoming increasingly apparent. DK s 100 Indian Trees offers a wholesome view of the world of trees, allowing easy recognition of 100 most commonly seen species found in India. Stunning images complement the simple description of individual profiles with essential information on leaf, bark, flower, and fruit types while the introductory spreads showcase the fascinating life of trees, their role in the ecosystem, and the keys to identify them.

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