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134/2, OPP A.P.M.C YARD Bellari, IN
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978-8184870909 5face83183093b986e0b7f79 A Course in Mechanics https://cdn2.storehippo.com/s/5b1a00c581a9afd8ff765190/5face83383093b986e0b7fe1/le0mpva.jpg A COURSE IN MECHANICS starts with the basic elements of mechanics: force, equilibrium of forces and motion followed by inter-relationships between them. From conditions of equilibrium of one force on one particle to those for system of forces in three dimensions along with the stability of equilibrium are thoroughly presented. Some special types of motion of an object based on Newton?s law of motion in Cartesian, polar and intrinsic two dimensional frames comprise major portion of the book. Motion of an object as well as of rigid body in a rotating space like the Earth in addition to the rigid body motion based on D? Alembert?s principle is also covered in the book. Table Of Contents: Preface / Introduction / Forces in Two Dimensions: Analytic Conditions of Equilibrium / Principle of Virtual Work: Analytic Condition of Equilibrium / Catenary / Stable and Unstable Equilibrium / Forces in Three Dimensions / General Motion in Two Dimensions / Rectilinear Motion under Central Force / Central Orbit / Motion on Curved Surface / Motion in a Resisting Medium / Motion in a Moving Frame of Reference / Moment and Product of Inertia / Equations of Motion of Rigid Body / Rotation / Compound Pendulum / Motion about Moving C.G. in Two Dimensions / Conservation Laws / Euler?s Motion of Rigid Body / Index. Audience Undergraduate ? Postgraduate Students and Researchers in Mathematics Special Features: ?Each formula elaborated with numerical example(s). 978-8184870909
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