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81-70087503 5fc656c33e41c03c29b3dcbe Cisco IP Routing Protocols : Troubleshooting Tech. https://cdn2.storehippo.com/s/5b1a00c581a9afd8ff765190/5fc656c43e41c03c29b3dd0b/nq4uxsl.jpg Cisco IP routing protocols: troubleshooting techniques is a comprehensive reference guide for network professionals facing problems with implementing and configuring IP routing protocols. It begins with an explanation of troubleshooting methodologies and tools, including Cisco and TCP/IP diagnostic commands and basic protocols behavior. From there it covers possible and potential real-world problems in configuring and deploying routing protocols in small, medium, and large networks. Using a unique building block approach, the entire process of solving associated with routing protocols is covered-isolation of the problem, classification of the problem, identification of the root cause of the problem, event correlation, and resolution. Through a visually intensive format, the book helps network professionals learn to troubleshoot real-life IP routing problems promptly, quickly and efficiently.Key features* teaches network professionals to identify, isolate, and solve many problems associated with IP routing in various environments, including LAN, Alan, and WAN.* Provides a systematic methodology for troubleshooting complex network problems.* addresses a number of technologies, including: dynamic and static routing protocols, interior and exterior gateway protocols, Rip versions I and II, igrp, Eiger, and OSPF.* Covers the essential material tested on the Cisco exam 'Internet troubleshooting support' (Cit 642-831) for CCNP certification.Table of Contents: contents: 1. Introduction to troubleshooting; 2. Protocols and their characteristics; 3. Diagnostic mechanism; 4. Troubleshooting tools; 5. Troubleshooting TCP/OP; 6. Troubleshooting Rip environments; 7. Troubleshooting igrp routing environments; 8. Troubleshooting EIGRP routing environments; 9.Troubleshooting OSPF routing environments; 10. Troubleshooting is-is routing environments; 11. Troubleshooting BGP for routing environments; 12. Troubleshooting redistribution routing environments: abouth the cd-romindexabout author: V. Anand works as an it project manager with uca group. He specializes in planning, designing, implementing, and troubleshooting enterprise-level Cisco networks. He has CCNA and CCNP certifications along with Cisco pix. In addition, he is mcdba and MCS Certified.K. Chakrabarty has an engineering degree in Electronics and telecommunications. She has experience in network planning, administration, operations, and network maintenance mainly using Cisco products. Chakrabarty is CCNA and CCNP Certified. 81-70087503
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