IP, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition 2013

IP, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition 2013

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IP, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition is a compendium of articles and papers that were presented at IPCV '13, an international conference that serves researchers, scholars, professionals, students, and academicians.

Selected topics include:
* Stereo, 3D, Depth Algorithms, 3D Image Data Structures, and Applications
* Surveillance, Safety, Security Applications, and Related Methods And Systems
* Imaging Software + Systems + Camera Calibration
* Biometrics: Gait, Iris, Fingerprint, ... + Identification + Handwriting Analysis
* Edge Detection and Enhancement Methods
* Medical Applications
* Image Retrieval and Image Databases
* Imaging Applications and Algorithms
* Image Reconstruction and Restoration
* Image Processing and Vision Algorithms
* Video Processing, Analysis and Applications + Animation
* Face, Gaze, Expression Recognition, Detection, Tracking, Other Related Methods
* Segmentation Algorithms and Applications
* Texture Analysis
* Signal Processing And Applications - Including, Voice, Music, and Others
* Image Processing and Computer Vision Applications
* Vision and Imaging Algorithms and Applications

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