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Designed primarily as a textbook for the undergraduate students of civil and agricultural engineering, this comprehensive and well-written text covers irrigation system and hydroelectric power development in lucid language. The text is organized in two parts. Part I (Irrigation Engineering) deals with the methods of water distribution to crops, water requirement of crops, soil-water relationship, well irrigation and hydraulics of well, canal irrigation and different theories of irrigation canal design. Part II (Water Power Engineering) offers the procedures of harnessing the hydropotential of river valleys to produce electricity. It also discusses different types of dams, surge tanks, turbines, draft tubes, power houses and their components. The text emphasizes on the solutions of unsteady equations of surge tank and pipe carrying water to power house under water hammer situation. It also includes computer programs for the numerical solutions of hyperbolic partial differential equations. Besides undergraduate students, this book will also be of immense use to the postgraduate students of water resources engineering.

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