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81-70084679 5fc656d4668e663c2885cf23 Keeping Ahead Windows 2000 Server https://cdn2.storehippo.com/s/5b1a00c581a9afd8ff765190/5fc656d5668e663c2885cfc6/cywmdn3.jpg The KeepingAhead collection provides invaluable support for the initiation or application of certain fields of computing such as networks, programming language, etc. Clearly structured chapters, precise definitions and practical examples combine to facilitate the assimilation of the various functions and commands. Each manual contains more information per page and is concluded by an index which allows you to find in an instant the information you are looking for.Table Of Contents :Chapter 1 : IntroductionA. Overview of Windows 2000 Operating SystemsB. Windows 2000 ServerChapter 2 : Installing Windows 2000 Advanced ServerA. Required configurationB. InstallingChapter 3 : Configuring the SystemA. RegistryB. Configuring devicesC. Chossing a protocolD. Optimizing bindingsChapter 4 : DNSA. TCP/IP and Internet ProtocolsB. Domain Name SystemChapter 5 : Active DirectoryA. OverviewB. TerminologyC. InstallingD. Roles of domain controllersE. ReplicationF. UninstallingChapter 6 : Group PoliciesA. OverviewB. Managing GPOsC. Group policy settingsD. Applying GPOs Chapter 7 : User and Group ManagementA. Managing a local computerB. Managing a domainChapter 8 : Managing Disk Resources1. File systems2. Sharing Folders3. Access security4. DFS5. Managing disk quotasChapter 9 : Configuring Disks, Partitions and Volumes1. Basic disks2. Dynamic disks3. Fault ToleranceChapter 10 : Security1. Encrypting documents2. Security of IP network traffic3. Accounts and password security4. Audit5. User rights6. Security options Chapter 11 : Network Services1. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol2. Windows Internet Name Service3. Remote AccessChapter 12 : Backing up, Restoring and TroubleshootingA. Backing upB. RestoringC. Troubleshooting 81-70084679
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