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XML is a markup language, which is successfully used by many programmers. As the book's name suggests, the book in your hand titled, Learning XML has been prepared to widen the learning horizon of the learners aspiring to increase their knowledge in XML. Learning XML has been brought out to focus on the standards that are relevant to almost all developers working with XML. This book also covers the generic supporting technologies that have been given the top stratum of XML and are used across a wide range of XML applications, including XLinks, XSLT, Namespaces, Schemas, XHTML, and RDDL or in another syntax, XPointers, XPath, SAX, and DOM, that are used in various XML applications. Comprising 18 chapters and 4 appendices, the material provided in this book cover vitally important components of everyday programming, which is tough to use XML without them. Thus, an attempt has been made to help the students reap maximum benefits by its study.

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