Management Information Systems

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It is widely recognized that the knowledge of information systems is essential in today's business organizations to survive and prosper. This book in its Second Edition, discusses all the major areas in information systems. It includes issues in the design, development and application of organization-wide information systems and their effect on business and organizations. The issues discussed in the book supports the management of an enterprise in its planning, operation and control functions. Key Features: Balanced treatment of both the technical and organisational issues involved Wide range of topics including databases, decision support systems, expert systems and system analysis Contemporary examples from the Indian industry. Though the main structure of the Second Edition remains the same, the chapters have been updated and revised as per the recent developments in the field of information technology. New to this Edition: Several 'Case-studies' have been incorporated at the end of each chapter. New references have been included in the text to support the added text. Learning objectives have been given at the beginning of each chapter. The text is presented in an attractive manner as numerous new figures and pictures have been added. Table of Contents: Preface Note to Instructor Introduction Organisational Systems Information Systems and Organisations Computers and Information Systems Communication Technology Database Technology Decision Support Systems (DSS) Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence System Analysis and Design Bibliography Index

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