Matrix And Linear Algebra :Aided With Matlab Ed-3

Matrix And Linear Algebra :Aided With Matlab Ed-3

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With the inclusion of applications of singular value decomposition (SVD) and principal component analysis (PCA) to image compression and data analysis, this edition provides a strong foundation of linear algebra needed for a higher study in signal processing. The use of MATLAB in the study of linear algebra for a variety of computational purposes and the programmes provided in this text are the most attractive features of this book which strikingly distinguishes it from the existing linear algebra books needed as pre-requisites for the study of engineering subjects. This book is highly suitable for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students of mathematics, statistics and all engineering disciplines. The book will also be useful to Ph.D. students for relevant mathematical resources. NEW TO THIS EDITION The Third Edition of this book includes: Simultaneous diagonalization of two diagonalizable matrices Comprehensive exposition of SVD with applications in shear analysis in engineering Polar Decomposition of a matrix Numerical experimentation with a colour and a black-and-white image compression using MATLAB PCA methods of data analysis and image compression with a list of MATLAB codes

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