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This well-written text discusses the principles and concepts of Nuclear Physics in a simple and easy-to-understand language. it discusses the structure and properties of atomic nucleus, radioactivity, nuclear radiations, nuclear models, nuclear reactions and accelerators of charged particles. The book also discusses nuclear forces and two-body problem, elementary particles and cosmic rays. it would be extremely useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Physics. Feature/Advantages: Increased coverage on topics such as colour charge and the introductory ideals of quantum chromodynamics Updated Chapter on Nuclear Models Inclusion of numerical problems at the end of each Chapter for rigorous practice Book Contents: 1. Rutherford Scattering of Alpha Particles and the Nuclear Model of the Atom 2. Nuclear Structure and General Properties of Nuclei 3. Radioactivity 4. Alpha Particles and Alpha Radioactivity 5. Beta Particles and Beta Activity 6. Gamma Rays 7. Detection of Nuclear Radiations and Their Measurement 8. Determination of Some Nuclear Properties 9. Nuclear Models 10. Nuclear Reactions (I) 11. Nuclear Reactions (II) 12. Accelerators of Charged Particles 13. Neutrons and Neutron Physics 14. Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion 15. Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy 16. Transuranic and other Artificially Produced Elements 17. Nuclear Forces and Two-Body Problem 18. Elementary Particles 19. Cosmic Rays

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