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978-9381159415 5fc656973e41c03c29b3d053 Programming Languages "Design and Constructs"� https://cdn2.storehippo.com/s/5b1a00c581a9afd8ff765190/5fc6569a3e41c03c29b3d0ed/nfblu91.jpg Programming languages "design and constructs" Is a comprehensive introduction to programming language concepts. This book provides a new approach to programming languages by providing a balanced mixture of explanation and experimentation. This book covers the syllabus of many universities. The book examines design and analysis issues using a wide variety of programming languages.? br/>< br/> salient features:-< br/> The opening chapters presents the fundamental principles of programming languages while other chapters provide implementation based concepts.? br/> brief summaries of various languages like C, C++, fortran, Java, Ada etc.? br/> organized into parts with self contained coverage of major programming paradigms.? br/> expanded discussion of object Oriented Programming.? br/> a variety of exercises have been added to each br>Chapter to further reinforce learning.? br/> text is not oriented to any one language. Examples of language constructs are given in several languages to demonstrate the universality.? br/> overall, this book provides both broad and deep coverage of languages design principles and the major paradigms.? br/>< br/> br>Chapter 1: Introduction; br/> br>Chapter 2: elementary data type< br/> br>Chapter 3: syntax and semantics; br/> br>Chapter 4: structured data objects; br/> br>Chapter 5: subprograms and programmar defined data types< br/> br>Chapter 6: sequence control< br/> br>Chapter 7: concurrency; br/> br>Chapter 8: Data control< br/> br>Chapter 9: storage management; br/> br>Chapter 10: Programming languages. 978-9381159415
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