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This book gives details of all the functions of Dreamweaver 4, One of the most popular web design applications for individual designers as well as for teams. The features covered range from the basic: creating web pages including text, lists, pictures, tables, forms, frames sets, links.. To the most advanced: The asset panel, Cascading style Sheets, time lines, behaviours (JavaScript, debugging), optimising HTML code and, of course, publishing your site on a server.Table of Contents: contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The Dreamweaver interface; 3. Your first page; 4. Inserting/presenting text; 5. Lists; 6. Formatting text; 7. Br>horizontal rules; 8. Images; 9. Tables; 10. Forms; 11. Inserting objects; 12. Layers; 13. Style Sheets; 14. Links; 15. Frame sets; 16. Object libraries; 17. Behaviours; 18. Optimising HTML code; 19. Publishing a site; 20. Customizing dreamweaverglossaryindex.

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