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Table of Contents: 1. Windows programming tools; 2. Windows programming basics; 3. Simple programs written in assembly language; 4. 16-Bit programming overview; 5. Masm and tasm assemble; 6. Text Encoding in Windows; 7. Examples of simple programs; 8. Console applications; 9. The concept of resource-resource editors and compilers; 10. Examples of programs that use resources; 11. Working with files; 12. Assembly language macro tools and directives; 13. More about file management; 14. Examples of programs using the timer; 15. Br>multitasking; 16. Creating dynamic link libraries; 17. Network programming; 18. Solving some problems with Windows programming; 19. System programming in Windows; 20. Using assembly language with high-level languages; 21. Programming services; 22. Overview of debuggers and disassemble; 23. Introduction to Turbo Debugger; 24. Working with the W32Dasm diassembler and software Debugger; 25. Code analysis basics; 26. Correcting executable modules; 27. Driver structure and development.

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