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The Internet is a network of networks........Thought-provoking so far, but how do you get onto this 'information Technology'? How do you make the most of all the possibilities on offer in 'cyberspace'? This guidebook will show you: oe by one, it takes you through the steps which will give you access to all the services available on the Internet. Once you are connected, you will be able to surf the web, making all kinds of discoveries (not only information but pictures, music etc..) and then download your finds onto your own computer. You will be able to write e-mail to other Internet users and share your ideas and interest in discussion groups. The last part of the book looks AST the problem of Internet security (do you need to worry about virsurs? Ought you to give details of your payment cards over the Internet? Etc...) and the conclusion is a glimpse of how the Internet is set to evolve.Table of Contents: 1. Your Internet Connection2. The Web3. E-mail4. Internet discussion and Chat5. Downloads/Compression6. More information appendices.

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